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Service manuals for digicams?



Jan 1, 1970
Do any of the manufacturers sell service manuals to the public?

I bought a service manual for my Olympus C-2020Z a few years ago. I recently
called Olympus parts to ask about the availability of a manual for the D-40,
and was told that they don't sell service manuals, period.

What manufacturers do you know of that sell service manuals for digital
(still) cameras?

Please, no "Go Google this" replies. I wouldn't
ask a question here if I hadn't done that already.

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Jerry G.

Jan 1, 1970
Very few of the camera and computer product manufactures sell service
manuals to non contracted service people that they approve. They make
their policy very tight for this. A contractor will not risk loosing
their business to sell a service manual. These manufactures will also
not sell any service parts to non authorised contractors.

You were very lucky at the time to be able to buy a service manual.

As for your camera, these are serviced at the modular level.
Adjustments are done from an external interface, with the proper test

Unless you have a very expensive digital camera, it may not pay to have
it serviced when out of warranty.

For consumer home entertainment equipment, most of the manufactures
will sell service manuals, and service parts. But, there are a few that
will not.

Jerry G.