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Short Circuited Pond Pump Guidance

Rob Wassell

Apr 12, 2017
Apr 12, 2017
Hi all,

I have a solar powered pond pump, a Pondkraft 150 which is rated at 150 litres per hour.

The solar panel fell into the pond and I presume has short circuited as it is no longer working.

I have inspected the solar panel and it is outputting a voltage so that seems fine.

I've tested the pump and that seems fine.

So the problem seems with the voltage regular circuit that takes the input from the solar panel and provides the output to the pump as there is no output to the pump despite the circuit receiving current from the solar panel.

I have basic (rusty since college) electronics knowledge and am hoping someone might be able to guide me in the right direction in being able to hopefully fix this so that I can get it working again.


The picture above shows the front and rear of the board.

Given that it had been immersed in water could it be the capacitor in the top left hand corner, hence the marking around component and this may have blown?

Could it be the chip in the middle? or could it be anything and only by testing all components in the board would one be able to determine the problem?

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

Kind regards,


73's de Edd

Aug 21, 2015
Aug 21, 2015
Sir Rob Wassell . . . . .

Hope you are Radio Shack . . . . . . And have answers, as we have some initial questions.

Are there any leads more eroded that what the case seems to be on the left lead of R1 ?

Is there being an adjunct storage battery involved or just the solar panel output ?.

Is the solar panel input at the left sides + & - marked in polarities and are they identified correctly ?

Get the values of capacitance and voltage ratings of the two black Hong Li electros and are their + polarity’s correct ?

Can you provide the marked on numbers of:

The U5 3 term IC

Seems like U1 and U4 ICs are unused.

ID the 8 pin DIP U2

The top semi ( in YELLOW oval) markings above the output? (Correct ?) barrel connector and its Q or U assignment.

The bottom semi markings below the same connector and its Q or U assignment

Underneath the 8 pin dip . . . other side of the board . . . there is a surface mount semi to be identified.

How much max solar voltage output can you read, and simultaneously check and see if the same reading is being at my RED SQ/CIR and BLACK SQ/CIR mark ins at their closest solder blobs?

Flip / Flop Sided Board Comparisons


73’s de Edd
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