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shoX mini speaker interconnecting (stereo) cable wiring?


Mar 25, 2014
Mar 25, 2014

For several years, I've owned a pair of shoX ESX101 TEVO mini speakers.
These use a 3.5mm stereo - to - 3.5mm stereo for audio out, say from a mobile phone etc, to LINE (in) of shoX.

Charging the internal battery is via a mini-USB (picture shown) to standard PC USB 2.0 for 5V DC.
The non-audio-input speaker is charged so this obviously houses the battery.
When fully charged, a mini-USB-to-mini-USB is connected between speaker A and B.

Once plugged into audio out>in, and switched on, (charged speaker), sound is amplified, the bass being increased by twisting both speakers to activate the spring/bellows.

I have since lost the interconnecting mini-USB-to-mini-USB cable, and am finding difficulty in tracking another at hi-fi and computer stores.

My idea is therefore to buy TWO mini-USB cords (with other end being cut off), then soldering them to make one.

My Question is: Does anybody know if this should be crossed-wired, and how many of the 5 pins are used, and which of them?

Otherwise, I suppose if push comes to shove, I could open housings and check board tracks and components.
Checked the Web, but other than 'how to use' and adverts, found nil re wiring the mini-USB cable.
shoxX_closeup.jpg miniusbplug.jpg