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Simple Audio Circuit... Connecting IFPA Front-Panel Audio Port to Sound Blaster with working switch.


David Russell

Jan 1, 1970
First off I know nothing about electronics so please bare with me.

Basically I have a headphone and microphone port on the front of my
computer which has a connector like this: and am trying to connect it to a
connector like this: .
By simply not connecting the signal return pins to anything and
ignoring the head-phone switch pins I can get sound to work. However,
I'd like it to properly auto-sense the head-phones and work like it's
supposed to as without those pins being grounded sound will still play
from the speakers...

The head-phone jack basically creates a circuit for both the left and
right channels using the signal outputs when the head-phones aren't
plugged in and breaks this circuit when the head-phones are plugged

The sound-card I'm trying to plug into, however, simply has the signal
outputs and then a set of pins which are to be ground when head-phones
are plugged in.

As I said, I know nothing about electronic design and thus really
don't even know where to start on how to get this to work. If you
could at least give me some pointers on what I would need to do that
would be great. However, if you'd be so kind as to make a circuit
diagram an idiot could understand including parts and where to get
them I'd be indebted to you forever.

Further a *lot* of people would appreciate your help as many computer
cases now ship with front panel audio connectors exactly like mine.
Right now it's only possible to plug the front panel audio connectors
into an IFPA (Intel Front Panel Audio) connector on the motherboard.
Many people would like to be able to plug their front panel audio
connectors into a Sound-Blaster sound card as simply put the on-board
sound chips can suck (especially C-Media's which I unfortunatly have).

Thanks in advance,
David Russell