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simple pulsing liniar power supply design


Scott Wiper

Jan 1, 1970
I would like to know if this curcuit
will work to the spec I have calculated.

This is a simple pulsing linear power supply useing power darlington
transistors with zener diodes as a refferance voltage so I can shunt
regulate voltage and sustain high currents (Cbove .50 amps) when in use with
minimal heating of the power transistors. I know the will not be efficient
like a switch mode PS but I have just got book on how to built switch mode
power supplys. My site is for people just starting out in electronics.

Yes They will be fully mounted on a 4"* 8" piece of matel for heat sinking.
These transistor have built in shunt base emitter shunts as shown and the
have built in reverse diodes as Q2 and Q5.

A Breif expanation:



My question is: With the TIP41C has it's collector tied to the V+ rail in
the first part of the supply and D3 and R2 are referanse point for Q2's
base. Will Q1 switch of Q2 VIA R2?

Same for the back part of the supplys the continous 5V through B1 that is
charged by the back part of the simple supply. That is D7 R12.

I have also built in a real dead battery shutdown on u# with a soft start if
it goes into complete power off VIA the resets on U2. Will the U3 curcuit
"chatter" when it gets close to D8 breakdown voltage?