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Jim Wilkins

Jan 1, 1970
Winston said:
Jim Wilkins wrote:
I think you mentioned using a stepper motor
as a generator in a wind charger application.

That, combined with your PV panels sounds like a
valuable parallel wattage source for your
treadle genny.


Actually I have reject Segway parts for mine. They encouraged us to
play, occasionally on company time.
They can't (and definitely shouldn't) go into customers' machines, so
don't ask.


Jan 1, 1970
Jim Wilkins wrote:


I am *Solid Green* with envy.

That is very cool!
I wonder when they will be for sale?

Apparently never, the video was 2004!


Jan 1, 1970
amdx said:
Apparently never, the video was 2004!

Too bad.

That would be a lot of fun to take
to the market.


Daniel who wants to know

Jan 1, 1970
Jim Wilkins said:
Ah, another good item to watch for at yard sales. I used to repair power
wheel chairs and other medical devices and have mixed feelings about
diverting their still-useful repair components to other purposes. For
various reasons not all users quality for government help.

And some qualified and then never used the darn things, like my aunt. I
have an Invacare Storm Power 9000 rear wheel drive folding electric
wheelchair (with right angle motors unfortunately) sitting on my front porch
unused but still functional because she used it a couple times and then
stored it in her garage and let the batteries (MK 22NF Gel cell) discharge
and go bad. One of the 2 batteries I managed to recover somewhat to 20Ah out
of the original 55 but the other had shorted cells and I recycled it. The
one I recovered is hooked to my APC back-UPS Pro 650 (BP650SX107).

IOW a new set of batteries and a charger is all that would be required to
resurrect this one. I run it occasionally on a set of standard 18Ah AGM
batteries like are in most jump-start packs, this set is from my parent's
Black & Decker cordless electric lawnmower.