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Slide projector 'Hardware Xenon 5kW' - need manual/advice!


Jurg Murger

Jan 1, 1970
Problem: the bulb turns off after 5-10mins.

There is a very high frequency sound in the switching powersupply (I
couldn't localize, where exactly in the powersupply) and on one of the
pcb's a small relay (ignition?) is energized and released several times
(release time after ~5secs).

After pushing the 'power' button twice the bulb ignites again and runs
another 5-10mins (first push: the powersupply goes off (contactor
releases), second push: the contactor is energized again, then ignition).

There are other powersupplys on that site, so they were switched. The
problem does not wander with the powersupply, it stays with the
projector. Unfortunatly there are no manuals of any kind on site, so I
refrained from turning the trimpots on the pcb's (although it was tempting
(-: ).

Any suggestions and hints (and of course documentations) would be greatly


Jurg Murger

Jan 1, 1970
JB said:
First off, it sounds like a thermal-related problem with the ballast.

That's a good one. I could not spot the thermal protection circuit, hence
the request for documentation.

Second, it would be useful to know the manufacturer and model.

'Hardware Xenon'. There is no model number. I'm told they were installed
about 8 years ago.

I'm not aware of any 5kW Xenon sources for projectors. 4kW and 8kW
maybe but not 5kW.

Actually, 5kW is common in cinema projection.

sounds like a bespoke lamp, possibly Japanese?

It's an Osram, Germany (production line). I forgot to mention in my initial
post: it was changed - no improvement.