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Soldering question


Larry Brasfield

Jan 1, 1970
Chris W said:
Can someone tell me how hard it would be to solder something like this... Data/apc08.pdf

It looks like it would be hard to get the heat to the spot you need to. Not seeing it in person though, it's hard to tell for

That looks easy enough to solder. It is a surface-mount
assembly with the terminals flush against the outside
boundary of the outline. If your pads extend a little
beyond where the terminals are supposed to center,
(which they should for inspectability anyway), then
just put down solder paste, plop the assembly into
place, and touch the iron or point the hot air to the
accessible edge of the pad.

I had about the same arrangement (except for the
stood-off height) on a little RF transformer I had
specified for a hybrid. Hand soldering them was
essentially the same problem you anticipate. It
was not at all difficult.