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Sont TV (circa 1993) Problem...


Jim Stansell

Jan 1, 1970
My friend has a problem with a 1993 Sony TV, Model KV-27TS27.

When he turns it on the picture has pronounced horizontal lines and
there is a pronounced buzzing sound, except for channels 47 and above,
which are fine. When the channel is changed, the program on the screen
does not change.

After a few minutes, channels 3-6 became clear without the buzzing
sound. Finally after about 15 minutes, all channels become clear
without the buzzing sound.

Any suggestions......Thanks for your help!!!


Jan 1, 1970
Pull out the tuner and resolder the inside connections as they crack
also if the set has the IF module pull that and do the same.

Three things needs fixed.
1. SBX1637 audio mts decoder module is probably bad, or will be soon
and is on the same board that needs pulled out to get at the IF module.
2. IF module need the coils resoldered to the board.
3. Tuner needs removed, unsoldered from main board, and opened up as
there are failed solder connections inside the tuner, especially the
grounds to the can and the contact pins.