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Sony 46S2010 LCD Panel bad pixels blue vertical line

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Jan 1, 1970
I bought a Sony 46S2010 LCD Panel a couple weeks ago from Circuit City.
After watching for less than a few days, a blue vertical line suddenly
developed on the very left hand side of the screen. Thankfully CC
exchanged for a new unit, according to the SN tag was built a month
later (November '06) than the first one.

The new set is fine, although I panicked and thought the new one had a
dead pixel in near center of screen when watching Monster Garage on
Discovery. Turned out it was a bad pixel on the CCD sensor in DISCOVERY
CHANNEL'S CAMERA! used for one scene! I went back and forth with the DVR
to find that only in that one scene the "bad" pixel lit up. How about
that for way cool!

Anyway, my question is; how is the build quality for these Bravia LCD 720P TV's? Was my first bad one a fluke? The factory packing carton showed some exterior evidence of slighy crushing and upon opening I found the lower foam block on the same side of the TV where the failure occured was slightly crunched, but the set was not loose in the box or physically damaged in any way. I had no concern the first set had been abused in shipping.

Still I am concerned about the sensitivity of the LCD assembly because utlimately I want to hang it on the wall with a Peerless mount accross three 16" center studs.

Are they that sensitive to shock? I handled the sets with kid gloves, much more carefully than the ride it got by the warehouse jock on the store's cart accross the stores brick walkway.

Joe Leikhim K4SAT

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