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Sony DVP-S7000 "problem" (also FS)

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William Sommerwerck

Jan 1, 1970
Some weeks ago I asked if anyone had any ideas about why this player skipped
on a particular disk ("Destination Tokyo") that played okay in other
players. One obvious suggestion was dirt on the lens.

I finally got around to opening the unit. The transport was covered (which
doesn't block dust, just reduces it). The two optical assemblies (one for
CD, the other for DVD) looked right-out-of-the-box new. But I brushed them
with a Visible Dust brush, anyhow.

I've replaced this unit in my bedroom with a Sony DVP-NS999ES (which used to
be my living-room player). The DVP-S7000 was the first commercial DVD player
(if not the very first). It's well-built. I've had it 10 years, and it'll
probably last another 10 years.

It has component outputs, but does not have HDMI, nor any surround-sound
decoder (though it does output both S/PDIF and MP-3 audio in digital). And
it plays CDs, of course. It would be great for someone who'd like a second,
/well-made/ unit for the basement or den or kids' room. I have the original
shipping carton and remote, and can probably find the user manual. (If not,
it should be on line. And the unit is hardly complicated.)

$100, plus shipping. Yes, I know that's three times what you can get a new
one for at Fry's. But this one is nicely made, and is (in principle, anyway)
repairable if it breaks.

Thank you.