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Sony KV32TS35 update- need schematic



Jan 1, 1970
Hi group. Here is an update as I said I would post. I replaced the
stereo decoder as suggested and this fixed the distorted audio. Here's
the history: Plugged the set in to see what the probelm was - friend
said picture and sound went out. Had a perfect picture, distorted
sound, then after a few minutes the raster went black, still had sound.
I turned up the screen voltage slightly and saw a horizontal red line.
Replaced the vertical IC but no change. I resoldered the jungle IC
also, and checked the deflection coil - 3.5ohms. Should I be looking
for a high ESR cap? I would signal trace the vertical but I don't have
the schematic. Which pin of the jungle IC should I start from? I am
fairly new to repair, so without the schematic I am shooting in the
dark. I was hoping someone could give me some tips, since I would
rather not have to purchase the schematic. Web search came up empty on
free schematic. Thanks again group, and I will continue posting

Leonard Caillouet

Jan 1, 1970
Do you have supplies from the FBT secondary to the vertical IC? If not look
for an open resistor.

When working without the schematic, look for a datasheet on the ICs for pin
definitions. First, check the obvious like supplies and bad solder joints.



Jan 1, 1970
Thanks Leonard. I do have voltages on the vertical IC, just not sure
what's normal. I will look up the pinout on the Jungle IC and trace
from there. Will post a follow up.


Jan 1, 1970
Hi there. I'm trying to fix my KV-32TS35 as well and would also lik
a copy of the schematic

If it is any help, I found a schematic of a KV-27TS35, which might b
very close

Shoreline Electronics

Jan 1, 1970
Is the horizontal line in the center of the screen or at the top?

Schematic on it's way to you.

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