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Sony projection TV.



Got a call on a Sony Model # KP-43T75, had a blue halo around objects
in the pix, now it's dead. Are these sets known for bad CRT's? If so,
do the CRT's kill the set? Thanks, Dani.

Leonard Caillouet

Get a better description of "halo" from your client. That description could
be anything from convergence to focus issues to CRT coolant. Most common
would be convergence outputs, but I would not descrivbe the symptom as a

I have not seen bad CRTs in this model.


Brittany Martin

Get a better description of "halo" from your client.

Why don't this asshole just have his client draw you a picture of it,

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Check the pico fuses on the "G" power board and on the "D" deflection
boards. If either of the 5 amp are blown on the "G" board then you are
fairly certain the STK devices on the "D" board are failing. Then check the
3 amp at the STK devices and change both of ics. The pico fuses on the "D"
board are the main protects for the +/- supplies to the STK ics.
As Leonard noted, try to get a better idea of the symptom, may even be
failure of the actual blue crt causing shutdown, a very common problem on
the RA-6 and DA-4 chassis. BTW these blue tubes are no longer available, may
find a source at VDC to rebuild the original. Finding he blue tube defective
it is highly recommended to also check the green and red tubes, lightly
tapping the neck of the crt and watching a blank raster [unused video input
works well] to see if there is any flashing exhibited on screen while
tapping on the crt necks. Some of the green crts are also becoming nla so be
sure to check availability.