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Sony TRV-44E Camcorder, Play, Record, Eject fault


David B

Jan 1, 1970
Hi Guys,

I have a Sony TRV-44E analogue video camera. Almost every time, when I
play or record after a few seconds I get about 5 beeps and the machine
stops. When I try to eject the tape, the eject arrow is displayed in
the viewfinder, and you can hear the cogs start to work, but it just
stops, like it is jammed. If I apply some pressure to the eject
compartment the tape will eject. Likewise if I push down on the top of
the tape compartment the tape will play/record. Is there an adjustment
that needs to be made? Is it just due to tension that may need to be
I'd appreciate any assistance that you may be able to offer.

Many Thanks