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Sony WEGA TV problem



Jan 1, 1970
Searching thru Google, I see a couple other people have posted about
this problem about 1 1/2 years ago."+Remote&rnum=1&hl=en#555008e3d37be774

Someone suggested it may be a corrupt EPROM.

I was wondering if anyone had any more insight or if perhaps anyone
had the same problem and could say what the solution is.

The "Initial Setup" display pops up randomly and it has stopped
receiving commands from the remote. I'm sure it's not the remote, as
several other remotes that used to work also stopped at the same time.

This is a FD Trinitron KV-32FV300 model - I bought it 19 months ago.

(And I never used Windex or any other liquid to clean the screen which
may have leaked down onto any components on the interior).

I suspect it will require a trip to repair, but would like to know the
solution so I don't get too ripped off - and of course, it will be a
major hassle to do that.

It's pretty heavy and will have to go downstairs - and it's too big
for my car.

I ran across some other people on the 'net with other problems with
Sonys as well, and one guy claimed their engineering sucks - that they
push the limits of the components beyond what they are rated for.

I thought Sony would make a better product than my old Magnavox, which
I thought died too young (less than 10 years) - my previous TV was at
least 15 years old before it died. It too was a Magnavox.

But 2 years for a Sony just seems horrible. At least the picture is
still good though.