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Sound activated relay



Jan 1, 1970
My old 3 channel motion detector system had a relay on the receiver that
when the nearly inaudible factory buzzer went off, the relay closed for a
short duration. A quick visit to Radio Shack and a small plastic box, a loud
buzzer powered by a 9V battery, and a couple wires to the factory relay
contacts on the receiver, and the audible problem was solved.

The present. Due to a leaking battery in one of the transmitters, it was
rendered defunct. Of course the company has "updated" everything and the new
transmitters will not work with the old receiver. No problem, I just ordered
a new system. The buzzer is still too soft, but there isn't a relay on this
new one to use an external buzzer.

What I'm looking for, is a sound activated relay which I assume would
utilize a cheapie type microphone that I can place next to the receiver, and
simply run my old Radio Shack buzzer box across the sound relay contacts.

Now back in the day I'd simply find a decent schematic, fire up the
soldering iron and whip something up. I'm now 73 tears old and the old
"Arthur Brothers" joints simply won't let me do it anymore, so I need a plug
and play sound activated relay---that I would assume came with a 110V power
supply module.

I'm open to suggestions, and a million thanks for listening. Lee.