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Sound Chip Info for Compaq Presario 1230 Laptop



Jan 1, 1970

Can someone provide me with information about the sound chip/hardware
in my Compaq Presario 1230 laptop? What company made the sound chip?
If I knew, perhaps I can find the right sound driver.

I have not been able to download a Windows 98se sound driver that "works". does NOT have a sound driver (Win9*/ME/XP) for this model laptop!
Note: There are other drivers, etc. at for this model laptop, but no
sound driver!!!

At, I download drivers ("DRIVERS.ZIP" and
"XAUDIO.ZIP") for this model laptop, but nothing "worked" for sound.

I tried a Diagnostic tool, downloaded from for this model, but all
I have learned about the sound hardware is, "Integrated 16 bit sound,
revision 4.12, port 220". Note: The sound hardware is not defective.

Thanks in advance, Brad

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