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Source for Vizio soundbar schematics


Aug 19, 2021
Aug 19, 2021
I recently purchased a Visio S3821w-CO soundbar with a wireless subwoofer second hand.

However, I just discovered the subwoofer is a model S3851w-D4. (ie : NOT S3821)

As a result, I've been unable to pair them together, even though I've downloaded the manuals for BOTH models, and tried the (very similar) methods described in both.

I'd like to try to get these to pair, but they appear to be incompatible, in spite of being in the same product FAMILY and vintage.

I contacted Vizio support, but they were not very helpful - only being able to read the same user manual that I already did.
I asked if they could send me schematics, but said they are not available to the general public.
Being an EE in the audio industry, I thought I might find a way to MacGyver either the soundbar or subwoofer to let them pair.

I'm hoping someone here can direct me to someone/someplace where I might get hold of the schematics for these.

Anyone ???