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Source or replacement for Philips TEA1100/1101


Sam Yang

Jan 1, 1970
I have a old battery charger using a Philips TEA1100 chip. It works
well for NICAD but not suitable for Metal Hydrides as the delta V
sensitivity is 1% of battery voltage. Using a Zina diode to increase
the sensitivity would not help much as it is used for charge 6-cell
and 10-cell battery packs. It looks to me that TEA1101 is an ideal
replacement for it. TEA1101 has a sensitivity of 0.25%. However,
Philips no longer makes them and our local supplier does not have
them. Now my questions:

(1) Do you know nay supplier that may still stock them?
(2) Any replacement chip from other manufacturers?

Any relevant comments and suggestions would be appreciated.


Sam Yang
[email protected]