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Speaking of phones...


Bob La Londe

Jan 1, 1970
I got a call the day before yesterday. Somebody told a phone system client
that I can fix anything. They have had noise on their phone system since a
major power failure several months ago.

They'd had another company look at their phones who just told them they need
a new phone system. They might, but I don't think so.

I took a look yesterday, and I probably told them how to fix their problem
without me.

They have AC circuit line noise. Something on the same circuit as their
phone system probably started making more noise on the line after that power
failure, and the marginal conditions surrounding it. Also, somebody added a
clean air machine in the office where the KSU is, and whenever the fan for
it kicks on their phone system noise increases.

Now maybe their power supply could have filtered most of that noise except
the AC to the KSU is a piece of romex coming out of the floor bundled with
the incoming phone wires and the outgoing extension wires.

They pretty much guaranteed that any excess noise on that line will be
induced onto their phone lines and extension lines. Sigh. I don't know how
they ever didn't have noise, but the first thing they needed to do was
disconnect that piece of romex, find anyplace else (like the ceiling between
floors) its parallel or bundled with and disconnect and abandon that part,
and run a new dedicated circuit IN CONDUIT from the breaker panel to then
outlets here the KSU is plugged in.

What I got was, "Well maybe I can run an extension cord from somewhere

Sigh, if they got anything I said all I did was troubleshoot their problem
for them for free. Sigh. I don't think I'll go back if they call again. I
knew it was going to be one of those calls just from the phone conversation
before I ever went though.

Some things you can't fix... phone systems isn't one of them.

Bob La Londe

Jan 1, 1970
NickMark said:
line Noise is one of my specialty running a 5000 watt AM directional
station and all the points you made where valid and are more than likely
contributing to the problem. I have special filters when neighbors around
station have problem from time to time. So yes tracking it down and
killing it can be a real pain.

I suspect fixing the noise problem with their phones would be quite easy in
this case. Put it on a dedicated circuit as specified by the OEM, and
eliminate the obvious electrical code violations,

The probably have some other noisy motors, and possibly some bad grounds
contributing to the problem, but fixing the obvious stuff that is just plane
wrong would probably fix their problem.