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spray on thin insulatiing rubber.



Jan 1, 1970
We have G line coupling rods that need a re-coat. The original
coating has some damage and has been reducing the signal and it is
starting to be a problem.

These rods were originally dipped before installation, I know, I was
the one that dipped them :) We used a potting type rubber however, the
problem we are facing is these rods are hard to remove with out lots of
work and wondering if an aerosol HV potting material product is

It sure would be much simpler to clean these G line couplings on site
and spray them, over taking the machine apart.

The formal coating is very thin. I don't really want to experiment
with other products because it may then force us to disassemble the
machine from a failed experiment.

It is very hard to explain to mechanics what not to touch and what not
to spray.

I suppose I could have elected to use a different coupling method but
this one seem to be viable at the time and it works.

increasing the signal just causing to much adjacent cross talk due to
the bad spots acting as E lines instead. We have some items rather close
to each other!

Any thin good that is sprayable?