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Stellaris JTAG problem


Marco Trapanese

Jan 1, 1970

I have several boards that host LM3S* Stellaris MCU. They are different
boards but the connections around the MCUs are the same.

Some boards work fine and I can program the MCU using JTAG (LMI FTDI).
Others don't work - LM Flash Programmer returns error while connecting.

I might exclude a design error due to the working boards. Perhaps some
problems during soldering.

I checked:

- power supply on MCU pins
- RST and TRST pull-ups on MCU pins
- JTAG connection (and pull-ups) between MCU pins and JTAG programmer
- WAKE, CMOD0, CMOD1 logic levels on MCU pins

What would you do further to find out the cause of the problem? I'm
wondering about other measures or test I can do.