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Stereo Set-up, headunit/amp/speakers.. Advice please..



Jan 1, 1970
Hey I was hoping someone would be able to give me some advice on the best
way to set up/wire the sound system in my boat...

Wiring up my boat for a sound system, Basically I have 2 front and 2 rear
infinity kappa 6.5 speakers, and plan on purchasing a head unit and amp.
There is also a small cut out in the back of the boat that I plan on putting
a 3x5 or 4x6 single speaker, so i can hear the music while out of the boat.
Does that make some sense?? I don't plan on putting a subwoofer only becuse
of the space issue. Here are my qeustions:

1) Would putting a single full range speaker in the cut-out be recommened?
2) How would I wire it specifically?
3) What type of AMP would you recommend?
4) If i add that 5th speaker to the back and channel it along with the rear
speakers, when i turn up the volume will the smaller 5th speaker
crack/handle the output like the 6.5 infinity's?

THanks for any help!!!