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Strange Sylvania Problem

Sylvania console TV circa 1990. Model RPS 590. When set is unplugged
from the electrical socket and then plugged back in, it can take up to
a week (or longer) before the set will come back on. It's done this for
about 8 years. This time 9 days have passed and the set is not working.
Yes the electrical socket is hot. I have power to the main circuit
board, no fuses blown. Any ideas? TIA
Given the generic nature of the symptom description, it is probably a
component that was thermally sensitive, likely a capacitor. Need to do
some basic tv power supply troubleshooting to determine the cause now.

Jerry G.

Jan 1, 1970
Why not just bring it to a service center and have it properly
serviced? This is not something that without the proper training,
tools, service manual, and experience you are going to fix yourself.

Jerry G.


Scott Lane

Jan 1, 1970
Broken/cracked solder connections have accounted for about 40-50% of all the
things I have fixed. A light tap in the area of the suspect problem is often
enough to see if a loose connection is possible.

A close and careful examination of the solder joints is called for. Since I
see you have already measured power going into the board. Good luck. Scott