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sudden shutdown


Charlie Gaffen

Jan 1, 1970
Hi, My approx. 8 year old 32" Panasonic tv has been suddenly turning off by
itself and will not come back on until it seems to have 'cooled' for a few
minutes. Upon reaching around the back to unplug the unit, I grabbed the
cable input (coax) by mistake and the tv came back on. I have tried it now
several times and works all the time.
Can anyone tell me if this is an expensive repair??
Chas in NJ


Jan 1, 1970
As long as the television is still responding to your method of wiggling the
connector to get it to turn on... the repair should not be overly expensive
to have a repair shop fix it for you.... HOWEVER, do NOT wait to have it
repaired.... if you continue to nurse this along until it won't come on at
all then the repair could easily be more involved and much more expensive.
Get it to a shop right away to have it repaired.... most likely the culprit
is cracked, cold, or otherwise faulty solder connections near and around the
heat producing components and/or crack pc traces on the board near the tuner