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Supper Cooling Radion GPU in HP Pavilion tx2350ea Laptop - How to ?

Hi all,

I have this Laptop which has given up the ghost immediately two days
after its warranty expiring. To cut the long story short, I have
ordered another mobo. The original heat sink method for GPU on this
mobo is thermal pad which I think is very inefficient, causing lots of
laptop failure and HP has, I believe withdrawn this laptop from the

There is a gap of about 1mm between the GPU and heat sink, and the
surface of the heat sink is not flat for the obvious reason that it is
meant for thermal pad.

What alternative I have for cooling the GPU more efficiently ? Is it
possible to fill the gap with some thermal compound which would not
run or bleed. Or reduce the gap with a copper shim and use thermal
paste on either side. Resurfacing the original heat sink surface is
not an option.

Appreciate your thoughts on it.