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Swapping weak motor for more powerful motor in a 'Spinning Round Brush Blow Dryer'


May 29, 2022
May 29, 2022
I'm Changing the motor in a 'spinning round brush blow dryer' to one with more torque.

I've already built a prototype and the bigger motor seen in the images works fine. The prototype is too big. Just need to change the motor and the prototype will be the same layout as the 'Beautymeter' brush with just a few different parts.

Which electrical components of the overall electrical assembly will need to be changed when swapping the present weak motor for the more powerful motor? I know very little about these things but hope that someone will share with me what components will need to be changed to allow for the safe increase in current the swap will require. I will be able to manage the reassembly if I know what to change and where to get the parts. Please see attached images -

Thanks so much!


  • motor question.pdf
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  • annotated brush electrical diagram .pdf
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  • brush body disassembled.pdf
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