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Tech relocating to Florida, needs advice.



Jan 1, 1970
Plain and to the point.

35 years old, been selling, installing and training for about 15 years now
in NYC.

(Alarms, CCTV, networking, access control, telephone systems and
music/paging systems.) My company does a 95/5% split commercial/residential.

Built and ran the road operations for most of the 15 years and now faced
with the dilemma of relocating down to Florida due to wife's joints and the
Northeast's cold. Looking to settle around the Wellington area, but not
really interested in starting over and attempting to extend operations in
the South. Looking for a company where most of my skills can be utilized. In
what direction should I be looking in?

Should be there by Summer 2008 since I've got my house to sell up here and
find one to buy down there, the wife's a school teacher and got two sons in

Felt over the years of reading this group, that there are some that I've
come to actually respect their input on matters posted. So please suggest
away where I can go, where commercial/industrial work in Florida could be

Thanks in advance.