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Peter Kolbe

Jan 1, 1970
74CM Colour Television
Chassis EC2975
or TCB00892
or 40-2916-MT-MA

Tube had a green gun that had died. (Heating up the Filaments, and then
firing 240v through a 50w bulb between G1 and GK, managed to give me about
10 minutes before the green died again).

Replaced with another tube of same size (Using the same Yolk that is on the
replacement tube [I did read the faq])

My Picture is focused at the center, but at the edges it starts to get
blurry, and I can see that it is overrunning the screen border by at least
10cm on each side.
My guess is that this is beacuse of the different yolk impedance.
Anybody know how to correct this (resistors in parralel / series with the
Yolk maybe),

I would also like (for interest sake) to know how to access this sets
service menu [if somebody could please help].

BTW I am doing this one as a hobby, as I would like to get a TV going for my
lounge [and i was given this tv with a bad tube]


Peter Kolbe

Jan 1, 1970
Just an update.
Got the Service Manual from Local dealer.

Easily managed to adjust settings (in service menu) to get picture working
fine with the other tube.

Was actually surprised that the set gave me such a wide range to bring the
Vertical and Horizontal Amplitudes down.