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Terminal Programs and RS232



Jan 1, 1970
Hyperterminal will work fine with your PIC so long as you are using
ASCII. If you'd like to veiw the HEX values, I would reccommend
using RealTerm. There is really nothing new to learn as it has
basically the same interface with some added intuitive features.
This tool has been great for debugging prototypes in my experience
though I do still use HT from time to time as it has a cleaner look
for presentations. Converting TTL/CMOS levels is a must. I agree
that this is likely the problem. Try using a MAX232 chip or a module
like the one from . I prefer the module for
prototyping just to have a cleaner more solid feel and max232 for
finished circuits. Note that ST and SIPEX also make IC's for this
purpose which might be slightly less expensive. (ST232 and SP232).