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Thank You for your help on a crystal problem.


Scott Wiper

Jan 1, 1970
I would like to tank you for help on this poblem with crystals and on how to
build these simple resonators. to get the tuned frequency output. I have
managed to perchase 32768 KHZ watch crystals from electronsonic with wire
leads from Fox type NC38 with long leads.

The reson I was looking for precisely 64 HZ because my older project... "The
Binford 6000" Light controller for you that grow "five Leaf" Tomatos It was
a stupid idea that I wanted to see if power line clocking can be aplied with
little cost. It worked quite well but their was to add-on's I wanted to put
in was auto battery switch over and continued clocking with lose of primary
A.C clocking so I have set up the watch crystal 32768 divided by 512 using a
14060 (14 stage binary ripple counter). Thank you Bill Bowdon for your help
on this one. The 64 Hz was to solve the timing error I have discovered when
I completed the project. The web site is below. Yes my battery charger has a
current sencing float charge that keeps my 12 2.2AH battery at 12.94 volts
indefently. My 12 volt output drop to 11.25 volts but this is not critical
because the main relays are solid state.