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Thomson L32W11 - doesn't properly display red gradients



Jan 1, 1970
Hello everyone,

I have been searching the web for suggestions, and even searched some
sites for a service manual. I so far have not been able to find
anything. I am hoping for some advice on what parts could be causing
my televisions problem.

The image when displaying an HD picture looks like it is being
displayed from a video card with lower colours. The image looks
better on regular mode shows, if the picture is displayed with the
border bars at the sides of the image.

I narrowed the symptoms down with Passmarks Monitor Test program. All
but three of the test screens appear normal.
- Black to Red gradient has a large number of darker veritcal lines.
- Black to White Gradient has red lines intermixed in the gradient.
- Finally the Red Gamma, most of the gamma bars don't show a solid
colour but look pixalated.

All the other display patterns do not seem out of place.

Any ideas on what is causing this? I would appreciate any help.


At first I was waiting for some helpfull suggestions, but none were
posted. I then started to blindly test everything my multimeter could

The problem ended up being a bad wire in the bundle of wires
connecting the HD input board to the screen circuit board located
closer to the LCD. Replaced the broken wire, and the picture looks
great again.

The good news is that I didn't spend money on parts. I am glad I
didn't give up and send it to a repair shop.