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Timing Diagram software recommendations?


Nial Stewart

Jan 1, 1970
When working on the low level design of FPGA modules I usually
draw out a data path timing diagram showing what's happening
on each sucessive clock cycle.

I have a word 'template' I've been using to do this for years, but
I often think it might be quicker/more permanent/better for
documentation if I used a custom Timing Diagram drawing program.

A very quick search shows these seem to be the options....

1) Chronology's Timing Designer

2) Synapticad's Timing Diagrammer Pro

Top of the range all singing all dancing design tools for complex
board design/analysis. Quite complex to use (?) with a reasonable
learning curve. Cost ~ $1500 for 1 node locked license.

3) Timing Tool

This seems to be an interim solution, although it looks reasonably
powerful. Probably not as difficult to pick up as 1) and 2).
Cost - $795

3a) Timing Tool Lite - a web based lower featured version of timing tool.

I'd rather be working directly on my PC, although this is free.

4) Timing Gen

Low end diagram drawing tool, this seems to be fairly new and doesn't
include any analysis features. I'm not sure how flexible this is, they
suggest importing things into Word to aid annotation etc.
Cost - $129.95

I think what I'm lookign for is something between 3) and 4). This isn't
essential so I don't want to spend $800 on it, but I think I'd like
something a bit more capable than Timing Gen although I haven't
experimented with it much, and it would be hard to beat for the cost.

Can anyone offer opinions on the packages above or and other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any feedback,

Nial Stewart

Nial Stewart Developments Ltd Tel: +44 131 561 6291
42/2 Hardengreen Business Park Fax: +44 131 561 6327
Dalkeith, Midlothian
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Bob Perlman

Jan 1, 1970
Hi -

I'm pretty happy with Synapticad. I can't comment on the latest
version, as I dropped maintenance a while back: the verion of the tool
I have (7.9-something) is plenty good enough.

Doing timing diagrams with Synapticad is *so* much better than with
conventional drawing tools. I'm convinced that I wouldn't do nearly
as many timing diagrams if I didn't have Synapticad.

Bob Perlman
Cambrian Design Works