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Toshiba DLP problem.



Toshiba 44NM84 DLP has a black bar down the right side of the screen,
where there is no video, as if the "eye" of the optics in the light
engine is out of alignment I talked to Toshiba, Canada,
& I can replace the light engine with a rebuilt one, or apparently
repair the light engine, by replacing a part inside. Has anyone done
this before? Because most manufacturers won't let you
fix a light engine, & also charges a "dud" fee, but now you can buy
rebuilt ones! Have the rebuilt
light engines worked out ok? It's extended warranty, & I would rather
get the whole rebuilt part.
Thanks, Dani. Here's a pix of the fault.

Bob Loblaw

It appears as though the light tunnel has come "unglued". I have replaced
the light tunnel ass'y, repaired it and replaced the entire light engine in
different situations.

Rebuilt light engines seem to work fine for the most part.