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Toshiba Rear Projection TV power problem

Hello I have a 3 year old Toshiba 61H71. It was working fine until last
night just before the end of Bulls' game. The screen just turned black
and no sound either. I thought it might be the cable signal problem.
But the TV did not reponse to my remote control, and the power
indicator started to blinks. I tried to turn off it by POWER butter on
the front panel, it did not work either.

I unplug and replug after sometime. Then the power button can turn on
the TV. But there are no sound and no picture. the power indicator
starts to blinks. Everything is exactly as bad as before.

If anyone has any idea about this type of problem, please let me know
what is wrong? I would like to get an idea before calling Toshiba
service center. If something is as simple as replacing a fuse, probably
I can do it myself.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

Call in a qualified tech to do a proper diagnosis and estimate.
There is simply no way to even hazard a guess as to the problem with
such a vague symptom. The tv has detected a failure and is not
allowing it to turn on. There are between 16 and 30 protect circuits
that monitor an RPTV for failures and any problem on any one of those
will cause a no picture/no sound condition.

Good thing, most repairs in home, 95%, will be under $350.