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Toshiba TV model 32AF45 with Pincushion Type of Problem



Jan 1, 1970

I have a Toshiba TV model 32AF45 (mfg. 11/05) in my shop (no SM)
with what looks like a pincushion defect, with instability in the picture.
Using a crosshatch pattern display, the display is wider in the top portion of
the picture than in the bottom portion. The center area looks the best.
There is some displacement "bands" ("band" consist of around 8 horizontal
lines) in the top and bottom areas of the picture where these "bands" are
displaced more than the rest of the picture.

I soldered several joints that look like cold solder joints. R402 (68 ohm)
was open and C410 (1uf 250V) was bad. I replaced these parts,
but it made no difference. I checked other electroylitic capacitors in
the deflection system circuit, plus some other parts.

If you repaired one of these (or a similar model) with this problem, please
tell me what was the cause. If I repair this set, I will post an "update".

Thanks in advance, Brad

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