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Touch Light Goes Bonkers


W. Watson

Jan 1, 1970
I have one of those touch lights near our bed. If you touch the rod, it gets
brighter. Touch it enough and it turns off. Lately it's been turning itself on until
it reaches max brightness. Anyone know a cure for it? It doesn't seem to be touching
anything nearby.

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Tom Biasi

Jan 1, 1970
Hi Dubya,
Check for corrosion between the touch parts and AC ground. Loose wire nuts
perhaps; or a failing unit.
Sometimes bugs die near the light and make contact with ground.


Jan 1, 1970
Some one near you could be using a transmitter as well, that may be causing
it. If I recall correctly, there is "a" type of filtering you can use to
cure it. You would have to find an ARRL RF Interference Handbook to see what
it calls for.