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Transformer Current



Jan 1, 1970
Hey Everyone

I have a mains transformer which has several taps on the secondary coil.
The primary coil runs off 240V and the secondary has 3V, 5V, 6V, and 12V
outputs. I'm using the transformer in reverse to generate high voltages (I
apply 5V to the 5V secondary coil to obtain a high voltages primary coil
output). My question is, how can I determine how much current is available
from the primary coil output? And secondly, I'm based in England and so the
mains has a frequency of 50Hz. Does this mean I should run the secondary
coil at 50Hz?

Thanks for any help,

Jag Man

Jan 1, 1970

A transformer has no way of changing frequency. IOW, the frequency
of every secondary is the same as the primary.

Since power is conserved, minus some resistance loss, the volts x amps
of the secondary is the volts x amps of the primary