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Troubleshooting of PCB with ATmega328p and MPU6050


Jun 25, 2018
Jun 25, 2018
Hi everyone!
I am currently developing an early phase prototype together with two friends. The board contains an ATmega328p-AU, an MPU6050 and MFRC522. We are able to both boatload and load sketches on the ATmega328p and also communicate with the MFRC522, but sadly we are not able to Full Schematic.PNG MPU6050 schematic.PNG PCB layout.jpg communicate with the MPU6050. The MPU6050 uses I2C, and our measurements off the SDA and SCL seems to show that our ATmega328 is able to send information, but that the MPU6050 is not able to send anything back. I have attached schematics of the MPU6050 circuit, the full schematic, the PCB design and datasheet for MPU6050.

The components of the circuit have the following functionalities;
C15 and C17 - Bypass capacitor.
R4 and R5 - pullup resistor for I2C lines.
C16 - Charge pump capacitor.
C18 - Regulator filter capacitor.

Thank you in advance,
Andreas.Full Schematic.PNG MPU6050 schematic.PNG Full Schematic.PNG MPU6050 schematic.PNG