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Turn a TV into PC


R Cruz

Jan 1, 1970
The device that I will sketch vaguely doesn't exist, but if I can imagine
it anyone can.
I imagined a similar apparatus to a Converter or Decoder that it could be
placed over a television set, with an infrared sensor what would receive a
lightly more complicated signal that that of a remote control of TV, since
it would come from a wireless standard infrared keyboard for PC, with
incorporate touchpad to replace the mouse.
Besides the traditional input of video signal by coaxial cable and the
output to the TV, this apparatus would have a connection with a PC that
could be by means of an UTP cable with connectors RJ-45 for a standard
Ethernet 100BaseT LAN network, or by means of the same coaxial cable.
In this way, this device, when connecting the main entrance device (the
wireless keyboard with touchpad), to the PC and the television, it would
transform to this last one into the Monitor (the main exit device) of a
Terminal (without CPU, memory, hard disk neither CD reader), and to the PC
into a Server of the LAN that would contribute the whole necessary
hardware and software.
This device should not be much more expensive that the sum of its main
components: a network card, a video card, a power source, a converter
DAC/ADC, etc.
Due to the notable difference of prices, it is much more common to find
more than a TV in the homes that to find more than a PC, for what I
believe that the potential market is quite big.
And it could be a solution to a quite common problem that one has when
somebody wants to use the PC and he/she has to wait their turn because it
is being used by another member of the family.
The main difficulty that I considered it is that I think that a great
political obstacle should exist so that an apparatus like this doesn't
exist after more than a decade of presence of the technology that could
have made it possible: I thought that their existence would not have been
allowed because it would prevent the Big Brother to know exactly who is
doing what with the computer. I think that to hinder this surveillance is
vital because without privacy there is not freedom, and without freedom
the life is not worthwhile.

Nicholas Sherlock

Jan 1, 1970
R said:
The device that I will sketch vaguely doesn't exist, but if I can
imagine it anyone can.

The device you describe is no different from a PC-based dumb terminal
with TV out functionality.

Nicholas Sherlock


Jan 1, 1970
You also can turn a PC into TV by simply install the TV tuner card. It
is much more easier and cheaper to turn a TV into PC.