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"U.S. Navy Turns Off Caps Lock in Official Messages"



Jan 1, 1970

The U.S. government would do well to also get rid of acronyms and also
update things like aviation weather reports which look like this...

METAR KORD 041656Z 19020G26KT 6SM -SHRA BKN070 12/08 A3016 RMK

In the past, with slow teletype machines and everything needing to be
printed on paper, that was necessary. But these days those abbreviations
can all be spelled out and the communications made more understandable.

Another dinosaur is the legal system which has yet to computerize many
things. For example you still have to call or go in person and look at a
printout to see what courtroom a case will be in.
Sure Bill.........I think that gun powder & other explosion powered weapons are antiquated, awfully noisy and messy.
They should eliminate them all and bring out disintegrator Ray Guns like in Star Trek
Swift, Silent and No More Bloody Messes.