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unknown display's



Jan 1, 1970
Hi all!

I would like some information about a couple of display's I've found. I've
searched google and I suspect them to be some kind of vacuum fluorescent
display's but I'm not sure. All the VDF's I find pictures of are flat and
these aren't. I got the display's to work (thanks to a hobby-circuit (not
mine) that they are connected to), but don't know anything about them.
Name, age, principle etc... and also quite interesting, how to drive them
from ttl's. (I'ld like to make a clock out of these and I happen to have a
shoebox full of ttl's around here.)

Anyway, what I do know: 7-segment display's, bright green, operate at
12VDC. If you ground a segment it's gone, connect it to 5VDC and it is
lit. The numbers are 9x15cms, the display's are 20cm in height. For a
better view, you might want to take a look at

Any information will be appreciated, thanks in advance,

bye, Olaf