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Update: Need Cable TV expert - I have questions



Jan 1, 1970
Last month I had problems with my analog cable TV. Most of the
channels were very snowy and had been that way for several months. I
finally got the problem fixed last month. The repair guys told me that
the signal was low at the tap (not unusual) and that a line somewhere
(not on our property) had been damaged and they replaced it. After
this most of the channels were almost clear with the exception of
channel 72 and 73, one of which is a premium channels.

Anyway, here it is a month after they fixed the cable and it's
starting to get bad again. The cable people probably wouldn't notice
it but since I watch TV everyday I do notice it. I started noticing
snow and ghost pictures on some of the channels about a week ago when
the inside and outside temperature started getting into the upper 80's
and low 90's.
The interesting thing is that some of the TVs are fine but some
aren't. I think it's the wiring but the cable guys didn't think so
last time they were here.
The cable is split once outside at the house. One of those splits goes
down into the basement where it's split again, one split goes up to
the 1st floor family room and the other to the 1st floor bedroom. The
other outside split goes up along side the house where part of it is
exposed, up into the attic where it is split, one split goes down into
the 2nd floor bedroom and the other goes down into another 2nd floor
bedroom. So all lines going to the TVs are split the same amount of
times, so all the TVs (I guess) should have about equal signals.

The two TVs on the 1st floor have great, almost perfect
reception/picture. The one 2nd floor TV has a pretty good picture with
a little snow on one premium channel and two or three channels in the
seventies range, there's also a ghost picture on one premium channel.
The other 2nd floor TV has been getting quite a bit of snow on nearly
all the channels, but mostly the ones in the seventies and the premium
I know that at some point during the summer or even in the next month
that the cable is going to get even worse, possibly as bad as before
they fixed it. I assume the signal from the tap is getting low and
needs to be boosted again (that's usually the problem). What I want to
know is if this is normal? This happens all the time and none of the
neighbors have this problem. Why is the heat affecting the cable like
this? And why is it that the TVs upstairs are the ones that always
have the problems even when all four TVs in the house each run through
the same amount of splitters? Can anyone give me an idea on what they
think is going on here?


Jan 1, 1970
Every time you run the signal through a passive splitter you are <
first: dividing the signal strength, <
second: introducing interconnect loss at both the cable ends and the
splitter, <
third: adding attenuation to the already damaged signal via additional
lengths of cable.
IMHO if you are going to expect high quality signal at each of your taps you
should probably invest in a high quality distribution amplifier that has
attenuable taps. Also replace all the cables and connectors within your
facility with high quality cables and connectors. Confirming that each tap
is producing a quality db level of signal with minimal noise induced.
If you are not able to-do so then hire a qualified technician to do the
wiring and installation, thereby assuring that you are not inducing some of
your own problems.
When complete have the cable company come out again, adjust their incoming
signal strength to their "specs" and to check your "distribution system".
Again adding passive elements that may be unmatched in characteristics, will
induce problems and reception quality will deteroite.