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Urgent- Loewe TV recall.



Jan 1, 1970
Just wanted to let readers know that the following applies to
Loewe TV's in Australia.
Normally I wouldn't say anything about recalls but this is serious.

Sorry if it's off topic but the fault in this TV has been directly
responsible for 3 house fires in Adelaide recently according
to the Metropolitan Fire Service.

The information below was taken from the Product recalls website.
It just so happens that my sister has one of these sets so I'm glad
her house wasn't burned down because of the fault in this TV.
Please check with your family and friends to see if they are affected.


Loewe 100Hz CRT Television

Date: 11/04/2007

Supplier Name: Loewe Australia

Product Info: The TV sets potentially affected are all 100Hz Loewe models
produced between March 1999 and October 2001. Models that may be affected:
Aconda 9381, 9581, 93102. Arcada 8672, 8684, 8755, 8772, 8784. Calida 5655,
5663, 5672, 5684, 5755, 5763, 5772, 5784. Cantus 3870, 3872. Contur 1670.
Credo 7580, 7681. Ergo 6672, 6681, 6772, 6781. Planus 4663, 4672, 4681,
4781. Profil 3563, 3570, 3572. Xelos 5255, 5261, 5270, 5281, 5381. Vitros

Defect Details: The television set may be defective at certain soldered
joints that may lead to overheating with a subsequent risk of fire.

Consumer action: Disconnect the TV immediately from the power socket,
identify if your set requires inspection and arrange with Loewe for your
free in home inspection and precautionary modifiction if required. To
determine if your set is affected see or call Loewe's
24hr Inspection Identification Hotline on Freecall 1800 661 922.

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Recall Coverage: National