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Verbatim CD-R's are junk!! Beware.....



Jan 1, 1970

For anyone who has burned CD's for Music, or Data, I've found VERBATIM
CD'S are the worst. The average seek time is > 7 seconds for newly
burned discs. I thought I had a problem with my CD-RW Drive, so I
cleaned the optical laser with a cleaning CD, then lightly cleaned it
out with compressed air. I tried other brands from TDK, Maxell,
Imation, CD-R's and they all work fine.

I also looked at the model of my player to make it was MULTI-READ
COMPLIANT, and it is. It appears that the stamped out( bright silver
surface type) CD's from the Software Companies work the best. The
average seek time is less then a couple seconds. These VERBATIM CD-R's,
the surface refectivity is very low, so the laser takes longer for it
to read the CD. If there was a mechanical problem with my drive, it
would of showed up on ALL the discs, not just Verbatim
CD-R's but it doesn't. My friend had the same problem with a burned
CD I gave him from the stack, and he has a Brand new SONY CD_RW/DVD
Writer Drive on his system.

Avoid them like the plague! I'm thinking of dumping these CD-R's and
buying some others to replace them. You might have better luck with
your machine,model,make etc, but I will never buy these again!!

For those who are wondering which ones I'm referring to, on the side of
the blue and white packaging, there is a reorder number# 95028

I wrote Verbatim a Email,I notified them that there could be
manufacturing flaw with the CD-R's I got at christmas.

No Reply!!

Just wondering, what CD burner are you using? And how old is it? Some
CD burners work better with some CD-R(W) brands than they do with
From personal experience, my Memorex CD-RW drive from 7-8 years ago was
really picky about which CDs it wanted to write to...