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Jan 1, 1970
I am trying to route the RGB output from a single SCART on a satellite box
to both a TV and DVD Recorder.

I'm using a passive 2-way distribution box.

With one device (TV or DVDR) plugged in the picture is fine. However, when
I plug the second device in, the picture becomes a little washed out and
with a slight red tint.

I guess the SCART driver cannot source both devices without signal

Now I guess what I want is a powered amplified distribution box. However
these are quite expensive, and I guess as they must cater for all
possibilities are a little over-engineered for what I want.

In my case, I reckon I only need to buffer the 3 RGB signals and possibly
the two audio signals.

My problem is I don't know much about SCART signals. What frequency must
the amp be capable of running out? What are the signal amplitudes? What is
the bias level?

Could anyone recommend a schematic or a readily available commerical
amplifier IC or transistor.

Much appreciated,