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VU meter/Spectrum Analyser from mini system


Apr 28, 2012
Apr 28, 2012
Hi all

I have an idea for my ipad dock project that I'm making but no idea if this is possible or pie in the sky wishful thinking.

Basically I wanted to have some 80s style LED bargraph VU meters/spectrum analysers or something similar (at as low a cost as I can).

I found yesterday an old Sony HCD-H1000 cd system which has got a graphic equaliser/spectrum analyser section on it:

This is the circuit it's mounted to, from the back:

My electronics skills are primitive I must admit, but if it's feasible to, I would LOVE to use this display and board to somehow or other apply voltage and a signal (line out) to, and get pretty illuminations for my dock project. If I can also use it to adjust the sound then great, but if not, just the display is fine as this is really just for needless flashing lights. :)

I do have a full service manual with circuit schematics etc (link below) for this cd system, but I don't really have the necessary knowledge to analyse what would need wiring and where in order to get this working externally from the rest of the mini-system it's part of.

Would be grateful for any help, but if this is something that is just wishful thinking I understand.