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wearable private pager transmitter and receiver?



Jan 1, 1970
Where can I buy a pair of wearable transmitter and receiver so that when a button is
pushed on the transmitter, the receiver will beep and/or vibrate?

This is for a doctor friend who wants to page her nurse in urgent situation when the nurse
is in some adjacent room. The nurse is to go find the doctor whenever she gets paged.

The range need only cover 50 feet radius (through office walls). This set of device need
not be designed specifically for medical use. A restaurant pager (for waiting customers)
is almost ideal, except that she wants the transmitter to be small and wearable.

There are commercial "nurse call" pagers, but those are for multiple doctors/nurses and
are overkill for this friend.

Any ideas?


Jan 1, 1970
How bout one of those FRS radio sets, you can get them with various features
including paging, and they have the added feature of two way voice.