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weight sensor


jim shirreffs

Jan 1, 1970
Does anyone know where I can get an low cost weight sensor? I have looked
and looked and looked but can't find one anywhere. I know they exist since I
can buy a digital bathroom scale for under $20 usa and the bathroom scale
has 4 sensors (strain gages) built into it. Unfortunately a strain gage
requires some kind of signal amplification that is beyond my limited
abilities to assemble.

What I would like to find is a component that has the strain gage and the
signal amplification all build into it. The load would be in the 20 - 90 lbs

thanks in advance to any and all that reply.

jim shirreffs

Jan 1, 1970
TT_Man said:
Digital fishing scales? To make a 1 off is gonna cost loads . When you
make 100K off bathroom scales, the cost heads towards zero, like all
Do you want a one off, or something you can put into production? For a one
off, rip apart the fishing scales....
Thanks for taking the time to reply. I want to prototype an idea I have and
if the idea truns out to be a good one then perhaps go into low volume
production. My problem is that I am a computer programmer not an electrical
engineer. So I am trying to find low cost components that I can assemble on
a bread board for a prototype.

I did find this at

Model CZL902
Rated load: 50KG
rated output: 1.0+-0.15MV/V
dimensions: 34*34*7.8(mm)
Cable spec: 0.8*420mm

To my simple non-ee mind it looks like this might be useable out of the box.
I am hoping to find one I that I can just read the voltage and then compute
the weight.