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Wharfedale TV - Blinking Picture



Jan 1, 1970
Hoping someone can help....

Picked up a Wharfedale 28 inch screen tv a couple of years back which has
been working file up till recently - but now the screen keeps rapidly
blinking on and off (about once a second, for a quarter of a second) - the
screen just flashes black and then the picture returns

There's no clicking sound, and the sound doesn't drop or anything...anyone
know what the problem might be, or will I have to find the funds for a new
one ?

It's not the scart lead cos I've tried plugging the ariel straight ino the
TV rather than via the satellite box, still the same problems...

....and it seems worse when the picture is bright, or contains a lot of blue,
dunno if that means anything though.

Thanks for any suggestions.